a simple blog

Ok…so i’ll make it nice and short. This is the first time i’m starting a blog. First time i wrote anything publicly side from my Deviantart profile/page thingie actualy. And you can probably tell that i’m no writer, so like i said i’ll keep things nice and short and let my work do the talking in my place instead.

So, who am i? I’m an industrial designer that’s looking for his spot under the sun in hopes that he will do what he loves and get paid to for doing it (crazy right). I’m an average artist but i know my way around a blank piece of paper when need be. On this blog i hope to show off some of my work, my views on other peoples work. Not to critique but to offer my view on the matter or product. I also do freelance and for fun design and renderings, that will also be showcased on this blog. Case and poin is the image in the bottom, this is an early stage of bmws gaming pc concept i did for the sake of exploring the shape and design (and it looks freaking cool). Also among other things i hope i’ll get to show off some of my friends work or their views on my work and some videos from them from time to time (i know this guy that makes sick videos about landscape architecture so stay tuned).

Aaaand that’s about it. Nice and short right 😉


p.s. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Slobodan i’m 26 years old and i come from Ljubljana..that’s in Slovenia.




Here is the link to an article about the concept: http://www.dvice.com/2013-5-31/bmws-gaming-pc-concept-built-speed



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