project #1: Cordless/Battery Powered Drill_research

Ok so here is the first part of my 1 year project to build up a professional portfolio. Part one is a cordless drill of some kind. And the first step in the design proces is research. Tons and tons of it. As a result of surfing trough stores in Ljubljana and taking pictures of key features of varius machines and accesories, i’ve come up with first part of the image bellow (left side). I’ve made anotations on some of the features i have photographed. These are not all of the machines available, nor did i put all that i photographet in this image. The other half of the image is what i thought i found interesting over the web. Most of the featured images are concepts found on Tuvie, Behance and similar. I will not be editing any of these images, because someone put great effort into these renderings and concepts. So i feel it would be a shame altering them, thuss all i’ve done is resize and paste.

Findings that came out of this research: 

-cost: 30 eur- 500 euros. 30 eur being a small battery powered drill for small chores and 500 eur machine being the powerfull professional drill with optional power cable mounting and steel housing.

-size and weight: it again depends on the cost. However i’ve found that while the weight is similar across the board, it’s the way the weight is distributed is esential. Most drills have their ballance tilted towards the back and allmost all of them have all their weight mounted on top of the drill. This enables the user to use the weight of the drill in the drilling/screwing proces. Sizewise they are all pretty much the same. The only thing seems to differ is the battery. Some manufacturers mount colosal and heavy batteries while other more expensive ones opt for newer technologies and thus use smaller, lighter and more powerfull batteries.

For better view please enlarge.


The keywords used in google: Drill crossection, drill concept, cordless drill, cordless drill concept.

websites visited: Tuvie, Behance, Coroflot

Thanks for the read. Please share and comment if you feel i deserve it 🙂

Take care.

Slobodan Cvijetić


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