project #1: Cordless/Battery Powered Drill_concept sketching

Part two of this project consisted of pinpointing what this drill, that i’m designing had to have as a reall tool.

1. power- enough space in the housing for a standardised electromotor (R=5cm) as well as the battery

2. ergonomic design- comfortable to work with without any vibrations or uncomfortable hand positions

3. cost efficient- i’ve decided to put my drill in the 80-120 euro range

4. incorporate new technologies- technologies like inductive charging of the battery

5. has to look good!

So after i’ve decided on my goals i went on to the sketching phase of the project. Sketches range from small chickenscratches to bigger more complicated ones. These are only a few that i think are more important than the other ones as they show the trail of thought trough the proces.


These are more finalised drawings where i knew what i wanted. I’ve also started thinking about the stand/charger for the drill.



this week i’m starting on modeling the drill wich will also be the finalisation of the project. So i hope you’re all looking forward to that (i know i am).

As allways if you have a question or a comment please leave it down below. 🙂

Also please share the word 😉

Take care.

Slobodan Cvijetić


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