project #1: Cordless/Battery Powered Drill_finished

As promissed here is the first finished project. The drill is done so now if you have any critique i’d be more than happy to read it. Please remember tho that this was a quick project, so be a bit merciful untill i get into rhythm. 🙂
Now please enjoy and as allways please comment and share.

Be well.


drill presentation


2 thoughts on “project #1: Cordless/Battery Powered Drill_finished

  1. Nice. One critique though. I miss some visuals showing how you hold the drill that would support your argument about this design being (more) ergonomical, maybe some mockups too in ideation phase. Otherwise I like the idea of smiplifying and making it smaller, at least for home use. 🙂

    • Previous experience led me to this design. I did a shower design a few years back in school and the shape was similar. So i just took the notes and reference material from back then and used them. Will do some mockups next time around. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment Žan.

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